Who Is Maya Harris, Kamala Harris’ Sister and Ex-Campaign Chair?

If you’ve been educating yourself about our soon-to-be vice president, Kamala Harris, chances are you’ve already learned about her sister and former presidential campaign chair, Maya Harris. The lawyer, civil rights activist, and author may not always agree with her sister on issues around criminal justice, but the two are fiercely supportive of each other. “If people knew who Kamala was, and really what she believes and really where her heart is, I think it would be hard not to reach the conclusion that this is the person who would be the most passionate advocate for the things we’ve been fighting for for a long time,” Maya has said. So who is Kamala’s confidante and friend, who’s been by her side and even officiated Kamala’s wedding to Douglas Emhoff?

Maya Harris boasts an impressive resumé.

If you’re already familiar with Maya, it’s potentially because she was a senior advisor for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. “Hillary really trusted her instincts,” said Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to Talking Points Memo. “Maya would cut through the bullshit, brief her quickly, and give her something to think about.”

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