Who is Raymond Ablack of ‘Maid’ and ‘Ginny and Georgia’?

New Netflix drama Maid, a heartwrenching show about poverty in America, follows a young single mother as she fights to create a better life for her daughter. After leaving her abusive boyfriend, Alex (Margaret Qualley) has to find a new home and job with very little resources, while also fighting for custody of her two-year-old Maddy. Along the way, Alex receives help from an old friend and new romantic interest, a kind-hearted single dad named Nate (Raymond Ablack).

As Nate, Ablack reprises the heartthrob role that he became Netflix-famous for in Ginny and Georgia earlier this year. Though many may be seeing him for the first time in Ginny and Georgia and Maid, the Canadian actor has been starring in beloved roles on Broadway and television since he was a kid growing up in Toronto. Here’s everything we know about Raymond Ablack.

He played Young Simba in The Lion King musical in Toronto.

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