Who Is Sarah Spencer? | Where Is Princess Diana’s Sister Sarah Now?

After years of hype and speculation surrounding Princess Diana’s grand entrance into the dramatized history of the British royal family that is The Crown, the ill-fated moment has finally arrived with the fourth season of the show, which hit Netflix on Nov. 15. Early in the first episode of season four, Prince Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, meets a teenage Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) while visiting the home of his current girlfriend—who just so happens to be Di’s older sister, Lady Sarah Spencer, played by Isobel Eadie.

While the showrunners have taken some liberties with this portrayal of Charles and Diana’s first meeting, Sarah’s (short-lived) relationship with the prince and her involvement in his courtship with her sister are completely real. Sarah dated Charles for a few months in 1977, and later took credit for introducing him to her younger sister, going so far as to label herself the “Cupid” of their relationship when news of their engagement broke in 1981.

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