Who Is Serena Pitt of ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

It’s that time of year again—some might say the best time of year: It’s Bachelor in Paradise season! On this special spin-off show, we get to watch former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants search for love amid their Bachelor Nation peers while dodging (and/or, creating) drama on a tropical beach. Does TV get any better? Ozark, you say? Game of Thrones, you suggest? No, it’s a reality dating show set on an “island” (really, a resort in Mexico) that features Lil Jon and David Spade. I can’t make this up, people.

One of the best parts of BIP is that it gives ample screen time to fan favorites. This season, that includes Serena Pitt from Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. If you recall, Pitt broke up with James during hometowns, saying, “I don’t think that you’re my person.” She was known on the season for being a straight shooter and for being unapologetically open about her feelings (remember when she was brutally honest about not being into that tantric yoga date?). Her candor is refreshing on a reality television show, and we’re so excited to see what one-liners (“I’m falling into like!”) she brings to the new season of Bachelor in Paradise.

She’s a Canadian, eh?

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