WordPress Code Generators For Developers

Add GenerateWP to your WordPress development toolbox

There are many common WordPress development tasks which require large blocks of code. Oftentimes these are too long to commit to memory and you find yourself looking up a tutorial or sifting through the codex to find the right code. That’s when a code generator can come in handy.

The WordPress Query Generator is a handy bookmarkable reference for creating custom queries in seconds.

GenerateWP is another very useful reference that packs in 8 WordPress code generators for some of the most common development tasks. This single site will instantly beef up your WordPress development toolbox and can cut down the amount of time you spend on mundane tasks.

Currently, GenerateWP offers user-friendly code generators for the following common tasks:

  • wp-config.php Generator – Create custom code for wp-config.php file.
  • Taxonomy Generator – Create custom code for Taxonomies using register_taxonomy() function.
  • Post Type Generator – Create custom code for Post Types using register_post_type() function.
  • Post Status Generator – Create custom code for Post Status using register_post_status() function.
  • Sidebar Generator – Create custom code for Sidebars using register_sidebar() function.
  • Menu Generator – Create custom code for Navigation Menus using register_nav_menus() function.
  • Theme Support Generator – Create custom code for Theme Features using add_theme_support() function.
  • Shortcodes Generator – Create custom code for Shortcodes using add_shortcode() function.

The team at GenerateWP has two more generators in the oven and plan to have up to 15 available in the future. Rest assured that the generators are built with WordPress coding standards in mind.

Code generators are great to help speed up your development process. But I do recommend putting the code together yourself at least once or twice to learn how all the parts go together. This will help you have a more thorough understanding. It will also help in situations where the generator may be limited or you need to edit the code. Once you get your hands dirty a few times, you’ll realize just how much time the code generators at GenerateWP can save you.