WordPress Pinterest Theme – 20 Free Designs

Pinterest has obviously gotten a lot of attention lately. And whenever something like that comes along and gets hot in people’s minds, you can be sure that some enterprising WordPress theme developers will come along and offer themes that allow you to give your site a similar look and feel.

Below we’ve collected over a dozen free themes that can give your site at least somewhat of a Pinterest feel.

Some of the themes below were created as, and are still marketed as portfolio themes. Some of them started as “portfolio themes” and then rebranded themselves as Pinterest themes. And some of them were created from scratch to be Pinterest-like.

Regardless of name or marketing, if you like the look, then you like the look. And as of this writing, all of them are free.

Note – These themes have a somewhat similar look to Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean that they work just like Pinterest out of the box.

(Note – This one is a little old and may not have been updated recently.)