WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management

WP-Property: WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property ManagementI have a confession to make – I stole the headline of this post directly from the tagline of the plugin I am featuring. But when a tagline so aptly describes the functionality of a product, what better words are there to use?

My testing of the WP-Property plugin came about after a friend inquired as to whether or not I could design a new website for his real estate business. Without wanting to sound too lazy, the beauty of WordPress is that you can almost always provide the main functionality of any given “type” of website with minimal effort. I am still often surprised when I think of a new thing I want WordPress to do, and almost immediately find a plugin that performs the task admirably.

And WP-Property does just that. If you’re looking to build a website in which you can intuitively manage and promote a portfolio of properties, you may have just found the ideal solution. Take a look at these two short videos to get a better idea of the plugin’s functionality:

As you can see, WP-Property offers a wealth of functionality – it is easy to add and manage properties, and the display options are numerous.

One thing that is a must for any estate agency website is fully-featured search functionality. WP-Property delivers that in spades (which you can see in the second video above), with the ability filter by specific meta data such as price, number of bedrooms, and so on.

All in all, WP-Property is the best plugin of its type that I have found, and is worth exploring if you are looking to create (or update) an estate agency site.

Download WP-Property here.

Creative Commons image courtesy of woodleywonderworks