Wryst Launches Its Second Collection: The Shoreline

After the success it enjoyed with its first line called Airborne, which is almost sold-out, luxury sport-watch maker Wryst is launching its second collection: the Shoreline. Three models are being introduced: the LX4 (steel case), the LX5 (pink gold) and the LX6 (yellow gold). With prices ranging from $800 to $1100, this new collection is a bit more expensive than the previous, with the price hike being due to an improvement in looks and quality (for instance, the introduction of plated precious metal cases).

Though touted as a luxury brand, Wryst is not exactly for people who just want to sit back and relax. Created by Jacques Fourier, a Swiss designer who wanted to combine his passion for watchmaking with his love of extreme sports, Wryst is perfect for those who appreciate the fine things in life, but also have an active lifestyle and go for the occasional adrenaline rush.

With the Airborne being a limited edition collection, only 99 timepieces for each of the three models have been made.


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