NEW P3D HI-TECH DEVELOPMENTS - NEW AIRCRAFT. As a number of people have correctly guessed, we have been exceptionally quiet (and busy) with regards FSX releases (and new developers). The thing is, we have been working hard on a new range of releases both for FSX and for P3D. The new P3D stuff is going to be what you always have expected from Ariane (which means even greater details, more developments and even more new technology). With the new FSX stuff it will mean even more to add to your current hangar. Everything you could possibly want and more. So we are far from done, we're rolling forward and onwards and upwards! Watch this space.

Ryanair Airline OPS Package Rolls Out - First of the HUB Airlines Series

737-OPS. The first in the 800 HUB Series launches with RYANAIR - OPS.  One of the most comprehensive pack types produced to date, OPS is for pilots who want to fly airline flights with all the realism but without the complexity. Inside, the pack is a host of liveries and variants, a mass of PRINT-READY papers (IFR Filing Sheets, Airport Maps, Fuel/Load Out Sheets etc.) and a range of the airlines LOAD & FLY Company Routes ready to be imported into the FMC. (For screenshots and product info click on the Boeing 737-HUB section on the left of this page).

Ariane Pioneers VSD System

The world's first, Vertical Situation Display (VSD) System has been developed. It retro-fits, seamlessly into the EGPWS DIsplay allowing fast, selective, visual terrain warning with audio callouts. Ariane spent a long period of time developing the fast-read (FPS) effective command OP. VSD, EGPWS and EFIS Displays (with LBs/KGs conversions in-menu) will be available as single product TechAPP retro-fits for all Boeing 737 aircraft via the new TECH APPS Section and will work seamlessly with Global Service Pack (see base of this page).

EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System)

New EGPWS System modified for Boeing 737 Range. Ariane today announces that the world's first Terrain System it released for the 700er (EGPWS) is being released for the entire Boeing 737 Range. Ariane spent a long period of time looking for a fast-read back (FPS) and effective EGPWS system and following successful testing it is now launching the EGPWS for the Boeing range. The new EGPWS System will be available via the Tech Section as another Tech APP to join the growing range of Tech APPs it is developing.  Continued on news page ...

Ariane announces first ever Boeing 737-C40 roll out

The Boeing 737-C40. A very unique, military variant representing a comprehensive, state-of-the-art package from its VSD (Vertical Situation Display), integrated, EGPWS Terrain Displays and Squadron Liveries (among many other FMS and FMC enhancements to YF111 standards). The 11-foot-wide by 7-foot-high cargo door is the most prominent modification to the newest member of the Next Generation Boeing 737 family (with on-board Palette management) all making the Boeing 737-C40 the only package of its kind. Anywhere! More details click here. To see screenshots and download click here.

The NEW and very advanced BOEING 737-700ER
Our new Boeing showcases a range of new technologies and advancements (including the very new and advanced EGPWS Terrain Display System, a first for FSX!!!). One of the advanced new features of X2.5 is the ability to inject extra FPS. With new code designed from the ground up, the new Boeing 737-700 ER also features a range of logic and enhancements to FMC systems along with a series of print-enabled manuals + charts.
Win7, Vista, XP 64 and 32 bit versions. Continued on news page...

New Compact Display System for Boeing 737 Series

A brand new compact display system has been developed for the Boeing 737 700-/-800-/-900ER and new 700ER. The display system, also known as the 'Compact Display System' is of the same display orientation in use by such companies as Southwest in the US. The EFIS Technical Upgrade allows for both the use of TCAS as well as an incorporation of Ariane's new EGPWS Terrain Radar Technical Upgrade. Combining both EFIS and EGPWS together, represents another quantum leap forward in development in the systems side of Ariane's development. Continued on news page ...

New Enhanced CFM56 Engine Sounds in Development

A new CFM56 Engine & Sounds Pack is under final development. Ariane Studios has been working with leading sound engineers and Boeing Pilots for years, making their sounds among the leading enhancements in the world. Following CFM giving an official endorsement at Farnborough, Ariane began work on a new set with greater fidelity and quality. From own cockpits to technically superior equipment, all pilots will appreciate the new sets fidelity, depth and clarity across the range and using new understanding gained with the current X2.5 Series, many new effects.

NavDATA Manager 2010. With yet another RTM test run (P3) it has now been now concluded that the SID and STAR section can be put into final updating. The manual is being updated prior to release so that any level of use can learn the system (with one of the most detailed tutorials). NDM was held waiting for tools required to make the interface work with both FS9 and FSX as well as 3 operating systems (XP, Vista and Win 7)...
Continued on news page ...

Airlines New Concept

Airlines for all of the current Base Pack ranges (including 3 NEW Series re-launches) will accompany a new series of concepts to be launched now in Q4. Concepts will involve the release (and review) of airliners as well as additional material planned to give pilots more of a challenge (as well as planning and dispatch experience). There has been a great deal of work on the range of airlines to take them beyond previous iterations. More detailed and accurate versions are now complete as Phase One of the release numbering 55 to 60 rolls out. See here ...

Boeing 737-800 X2 Advanced X2.5 - Win XP Vista & Win 7 (32 bit & 64 bit).

Get ready for a brand new version of the Boeing 737-800 in the X2 Series. The new X2.5 Boeing 737-800 Series version will offer even more of the features that the new 700ER provides in a new package with complex FMC (over 46 featured systems) and a full-featured FMS for professional operators and training pilots. As well as a very highly-modeled and detailed flight deck, the package will showcase some preview enhancements from Ariane's new, X2.5 OPS flight deck fidelity (as well as enhanced mapping and 3d modeling) ... Continued on news page

Boeing Officially Licensed Product

The greatest award any aerospace company can receive is that of recognition. We are proud to be 'Boeing Officially Licensed' on all our product lines. When recognition and approval comes from a company you work with and admire, it is a very special thing. We were awarded 'official' Boeing status after a long and successful relationship with Boeing as a licensed partner. Working with Boeing means that their support to us will be reflected in the quality of the product we offer to our customers. The Boeing presence will accompany all of our products in the future whether it is placed on our packaging or sitting by the side of our products during download. It is both our assurance of good quality and Boeing's commitment to the licensing program.

New X2 Boeing 900-ER Airline Expansion - Upgrade Pack

The original launch customers have been updated and three new airlines are added to the Boeing 737-900 ER X2 and X1 pack line up making 11 liveries in all. Alaska, BCA original, Continental, Excel, Futura, Lion, Lion Air, Sky and 3 new versions: Arkefly, Spice Jet and XL join the fleet. For professional pilots who prefer flying the sports car of heavies see the Boeing 737-900ER X2 AIRLINE UPGRADE PACK in the Boeing 737-900 ERX Section.

News From the Hangar - OPS. The New Level

When we began work on 'Project X'; an operations-critical level we call OPS we discussed it with a number of pilots. The professional pilots we regularly talk to not only hold a long-gained, real 737 rating but also fly a range of real GA aircraft (and thus understand a wide range of disciplines). Many pilots asked us if it was possible to use our product to help meet task-orientated requirements. In 2005, Boeing showed interest in our advanced work when they procured a classic Boeing product for one of their engineering and simulation departments...Continued on news page...

New Horizons - New Directions

We are proud to have learned a lot of things from our customers over the many years we have been producing a Boeing product that many professional pilots have called 'The Leading Edge'. We share the same goal as our licensing parent Boeing and that is to provide the best. Our signoff: "If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going" has become synonymous with our commitment to producing the most advanced, quality products for simulator users around the world and we aim to continue to offer such a commitment and to introduce many new and innovative projects. Continued on news page...

Global Service Pack - OUT NOW

The new update is now out and was 'stress install' tested to ensure smooth operation without the need for key re-activation for legal versions. The overhaul addresses a host of issues but also provides new features (such as VNAV and systems as well as KGS to LBS conversion and more...).
For instructions to download and more info click here.

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